Pastor Asa

Meet your NorthLife Youth Pastor. Asa and his sweet wife, Suz, thought Fort McMurray was so awesome that they decided to move all the way from Ohio after the wildfire in 2016. Asa has a huge heart to see young people become godly leaders in this world. When it comes to following Jesus, he’s on an adventure and he wants everyone to join him.

Asa loves a good cup of coffee. However, Tim Horton’s is more of a doughnut stop in his mind, so he prefers to make it himself.  He also loves to explore world cultures through books and music. Last year he bought 80 copies of National Geographic at a garage sale in Edmonton, and he opts for Spotify Premium over a satellite TV subscription. He doesn’t consider himself an expert in anything, but he loves to try everything.

What do you like to do? Let him know!