The Image of God – Podcast Series

Hey everyone,

I hope this post finds you well – warm and safe at home, taking time to rest and reflect. While we are not getting together for our Friday youth meetings, we thought you might enjoy chewing on this four-episode podcast series – the Bible Project’s Image of God. Each episode is 45 minutes or so. Here’s a summary of it:

What does it mean that humans are created in the image of God? In this episode, Jon and Tim discuss the biblical theme of the image of God and its implications for Jesus followers. As humans, we bear the image of God, but what is the purpose of this for us––what is the purpose for God? Creating images of gods was a fairly familiar concept in the ancient world, but representing the image of God, not through a statue or idol but through your very being, has profound significance.

Image of God

We hope to start up Youth again on Friday, April 24th, but will keep you posted if this date changes, given the evolving situation of COVID-19.

Thank you, we miss you, and God bless!



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