Week of December 9th

December 9


  • Christmas Party – Friday, December 20 @ Andre and Tara Cassell’s
    • We will be having a White Elephant Christmas gift exchange, so please bring a gift with a $25 limit!
  • Home addresses and important documents are available on the About page. A few regularly attending students have not submitted the required forms. Please do so.

*In the future we will not be announcing beforehand any chosen film for the sake of a fresh experience and discussion for our students during movie nights. However, parents may inquire of any details if they wish. As always, we will exercise great caution and discernment in our movie selections, and we encourage parents to be able to talk about the films with their students, as well.

Bible Study

Thanks so much, Caleb, for expounding on John 10, where Jesus uses the metaphor of the shepherd to explain His role in the world. He says that people who are going to a farm must go in through the front gate. If they try to sneak in another way, they’re just thieves. The shepherd also goes through the front gate to tend to his sheep on the farm. Inside, the sheep know him and follow the sound of his voice; indeed, sheep are natural followers. The Gospel explains that Jesus is using figurative language to try to describe himself, but the people still don’t understand what he means, so Jesus re-explains that He is the good Shepherd who will lead, protect, and even die for His sheep.

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