Week of November 11th

November 11


  • This Friday, the 15th, – Bible study will be hosted at Josh & Sally Samuel’s house
  • Movie Night* – Friday, November 29 @ Andre and Tara Cassell’s house
  • Christmas Party – Friday, December 20 @ Andre and Tara Cassell’s
  • Home addresses and important documents are available on the About page. A few regularly attending students have not submitted the required forms. Please do so.

*In the future we will not be announcing beforehand any chosen film for the sake of a fresh experience and discussion for our students during movie nights. However, parents may inquire of any details if they wish. As always, we will exercise great caution and discernment in our movie selections, and we encourage parents to be able to talk about the films with their students, as well.

Bible Study

 An extra HUGE thanks to Tara Cassell for serving dinner, hosting, and teaching on John 7 last week! John 7 is the seventh chapter of the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. It describes Jesus’ visit to Jerusalem for the feast of Tabernacles, the possibility of his arrest and debate as to whether he is the Messiah.  Here is another video summary, this time of chapter 7, that you can review before this Friday.

We’ll see you all again this Friday at Josh & Sally’s house as we explore John 8!

Study Questions

  1. Why were the “Jews” in Judea seeking to kill Jesus? Read John 5:18.
    • John records that the Feast of Booths (also known as the Feast of Tabernacles) was at hand. What was the Feast of Booths? Read Deut. 16:13-15 7, Leviticus 23:42-43.
    • Was it important for all Jewish males to attend the Feast of Booths? Read Deut. 16:16.
  2. Who encouraged Jesus to go to Jerusalem for the Jewish Feast of Booths? How many brothers (half-brothers) does Jesus have? Read Matthew 13:55.
    • Why do Jesus’ bothers want him to go to Judea? Do they really believe in him as the Messiah? Read 7:5.
    • How did Jesus respond to his brothers’ challenge to go to Judea? Read 7:6-8.
    • When Jesus talks about “his hour” (verse 6) what is he referring to? Read John 2:4, 8:20, 12:23, 13:1, & 17:1.
    • Why does the world hate Jesus and those who follow Jesus? Have you experienced this kind of hatred (persecution) in your life?
  3. John records that Jesus does go to the Feast, but in secret and separate from his family. Read John 7:10.
    • How would the way in which Jesus goes to the feast help protect him from those who are seeking to kill him? Who was watching for him? Read John 7:12.
    • Does the way in which Jesus goes to the feast help us understand why he says he isn’t going to the feast and then later in the week, he
      shows up at the feast?
  4. What were the people in Jerusalem saying about Jesus? Did all of the people have the same opinion of Jesus? Read John 7:12-13, 15, 20. Do you hear
    some of these same opinions about Jesus today?

    • Why did people not speak openly about Jesus?
    • Does fear keep people from speaking openly about Jesus today? What are some ways that we can help each other overcome that fear?
  5. When Jesus begins teaching in the temple, what is the reaction of the people who hear him? How does this reaction confirm that Jesus is the Son of God?
    • Where does Jesus say his teaching comes from? Who receives glory when Jesus speaks and teaches?
    • When we share Jesus with others and teach them about who he really is and what he has come into the world to accomplish, who should receive glory … us or God? What can you do to make sure God gets the glory?
  6. When Jesus teaches in the temple, what does he say about who sent him and by whose accord (purpose and plan) he has come into the world? Read John 7:28-29.
    • What does Jesus say about himself on the last day of the feast? Read John 7:37-38.
    • What does Jesus say about himself in John


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