Week of October 21st


  • This Friday – Bible study will be hosted at Andre and Tara Cassell’s
  • Movie Night* – Friday, November 15 @ Caleb and Jasmine Armstrong’s
  • Christmas Party – Friday, December 20 @ Andre and Tara Cassell’s
  • Home addresses and important documents are available on the About page. A few regularly attending students have not submitted the required forms. Please do so.

*In the future we will not be announcing beforehand any chosen film for the sake of a fresh experience and discussion for our students during movie nights. However, parents may inquire of any details if they wish. As always, we will exercise great caution and discernment in our movie selections, and we encourage parents to be able to talk about the films with their students, as well.

Bible Study

Jimmy walked us through John 4 this past weekend, particularly the encounter Jesus has with the Samaritan woman who is out to draw water at the ancient well of Jacob. It’s incredible that we are loved by God who knows everything about us (past, present, and future) and still offers the free gift of eternal life to those who believe! That’s what this story is about. We can all relate to the Samaritan woman with our past sins and shame, the things we do not want to talk about with others, the fears and doubts and questions that plague us regularly. Where can we find a release from these things, a fresh start, hope for the future, and a reason to again love God and others boldly and joyfully? It is when we have our own encounter with Jesus and allow him to ask us hard questions and point out the areas of our hearts that need serious healing and correction. The world is full of sin, both committed by as well as against us, and only the sinless Son of God can rescue us. He has come to do just that, and we must decide whether to embrace all he offers and requests, or to reject him and rely on ourselves. What is your decision?

We’ll see you all again this Friday at the Cassells’ as we continue into John 5!

Read through chapter 4 again, perhaps with a family member, and ask yourself some of the following questions. There are a lot of questions included in this blog post, but feel free to focus on the ones that are most helpful or engaging to you.
  1. What trait do Nicodemus and the woman at the well share?
  2. Have you ever though your sin is not as bad as other people’s sin? How does this passage refute that belief?
  3. Do you ever seek out certain types of people to serve while ignoring others?
  4. Are there places where you know people who are far from Jesus gather? How might you start a conversation with one of these people? What will you say about Jesus and why his gospel is good news?
  5. Why does Jesus first focus on the woman’s need for living water? What can we learn from his example in our own ministry opportunities?
  6. What are some ways you try to quench your spiritual thirst? How does the good news of Jesus satisfy those desires?
  7. Take a moment to reflect on Ecclesiastes 2:10-11, then thank God for Jesus’ work and the changed heart he has given you.
  8. Do you struggle to believe you will find fulfillment in Jesus? What good news is there for you in this passage?
  9. What is living water? What does it mean to be satisfied by it?
  10. Reflect on your own story of belief in Jesus. Where were you seeking fulfillment? How has belief in Jesus satisfied and changed your desires?
  11. How is a Christian who constantly drinks from the pleasures of this world testifying against Jesus?
  12. Why does it matter that the woman understand the depths of her sin? Why not just call her a sinner in general terms?
  13. What is the danger of thinking too lightly of your own sin?
  14. How is Christianity both inclusive and exclusive? How does this change the nature of your relationship with unbelievers?
  15. How is the message of Christianity a call to worship the God of the universe?
  16. How does belief give you a sense of urgency in mission?
  17. What comforts in your life might cause you to step back from the dangers of the mission field?
  18. Is there someone in your life you need to share the gospel with right now? What is stopping you? What will you say to that person?
  19. Take time to pray specifically for the opportunity and courage to share the gospel with some specific people in your life.
  20. Is there anyone in your life who has the gift of evangelism? How might you learn from that individual?

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