Week of October 7th

We’re taking a break this Friday from our study of the gospel of John and will be watching a movie. Find out more in this week’s blog post…


  1. Location update: our first movie night this Friday, October 11, will be hosted at Josh and Sally Samuel’s house
  2. Host for Friday, October 18: Jimmy and Heather Burchett. Prepare by reading John 4 and bringing a question or observation to share.
  3. Host home addresses and important documents are provided on the About page.

Bible Study

Jimmy led us through John 3 this past Friday. In the first 21 verses, Jesus interacts with a religious leader named Nicodemus, who comes to him at night with sincere questions about life and God. We learn that the only way to enter heaven is to be born again, and that God is a kind and loving Father. He sent Jesus into the world to save sinners, and whoever believes in Jesus will be forgiven of their sin and have eternal life. God also desires an internal transformation in our lives rather than an external conformity.

In verses 22-36, John the Baptist reminds his followers that his ministry is all about pointing other people to Jesus, and he gives them important reasons why they should follow Jesus: his supremacy, his testimony, and his authority.

Read through chapter three again and reflect on some of these questions, perhaps with a family member or friend.
  1. Who were the Pharisees, and what did they do?
  2. What do we know about Nicodemus from verses 1-13?
  3. How is Nicodemus’ interaction with Jesus different from the way other Pharisees interacted with Jesus?
  4. How is the central message of verses 1-13 good news for you today?
  5. What does it mean to be born again?
  6. How would you describe God to someone who has never heard of him?
  7. How is the death of Jesus a direct result of God’s love for us?
  8. What reasons do you have for confidence in God’s love?
  9. What does condemned mean? What does it mean not to be condemned?
  10. Are you too jealous to let Jesus take priority over certain things in your life? In what ways is Jesus better?
  11. How is a wedding a picture of Christ and the church?
  12. How does John the Baptist’s example of ministry affect your understanding of evangelism and discipleship?
  13. How is Jesus “above all”? Why is this good news?
  14. Why is Jesus’ authority good news?
  15. How does eternal life give us both a future and a present perspective?

Movie Night

the village movie night

Join us at the Samuels’ house this Friday, October 11, for our first movie night.

Our movie nights are not only an opportunity to have fun together, but to think critically. We want to cultivate a greater awareness of different worldviews that exist in our society today and compare and contrast them with a Christian worldview as shaped by God and his word. The different beliefs and themes of these worldviews are very prevalent in music, film, literature, and other forms of entertainment.

Movie Night instructions:

  1. Bring a friend.
  2. Bring a snack.
  3. Eat some pizza (it’s on us).
  4. Watch a movie.
  5. Discuss the movie.

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