Week of September 30th

It has been wonderful so far to meet in homes for Bible study and eat dinner together each time. We would like to recognize the generosity in each host providing that meal each week, and we would also like to ask you as students and parents to consider bringing some of the extra stuff each week such as…

…cans of pop, desserts, snacks, etc. If you have a specific question, please contact Pastor Asa, otherwise just go ahead and bring something to share!


  1. Location update: our first movie night on Friday, October 11, will be hosted at Josh and Sally Samuel’s house, rather than at the Armstrongs’ house.
  2. Host for Friday, October 6: Jimmy and Heather Burchett. Prepare for our next gathering by reading through John 3 and bringing some questions and observations to our discussion.

Bible Study

Jimmy led us through John 2 this past Friday, focusing particularly on the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned water into wine. Many lessons and encouragements can be drawn from early scene in Jesus’ public ministry.  Right out of the gate he begins to reveal the glory of his Father and his own identity as the Son of God. What’s even more incredible is that he is not initially concerned about proving himself to every single person possible. Only his mother, disciples, and some of the wedding servants are aware of the miracle he performed. There are even reflections of Jesus’ work of atonement for sins as he, in his grace, covers over the “sin” (oversight, really) of the groom who failed to have provided enough wine for everyone. The groom is spared shame. Chapter two also includes a scene at the temple where Jesus exhibits righteous anger at the fact that God’s place of worship for all has been turned into a busy marketplace.

Take time to re-read chapter two and then reflect on and discuss these questions from “Christ-Centered Exposition: Exalting Jesus in John.”
  1. How do we know Jesus is the Son of God?
  2. How do beliefs affect your decision-making?
  3. What does the way Jesus addresses his mother tell us about our relationship to him?
  4. What does Jesus mean when he says, “My hour has not yet come?”
  5. Why does John include the detail about the purpose of the water jars in verse 6?
  6. What does the wedding miracle reveal about Jesus’ power?
  7. How can Jesus be angry? Isn’t anger sinful? Explain.
  8. How should Jesus’ anger with the vendors in the temple caution us in the way we enter into worship?
  9. How can Jesus be speaking of his body when referring to the temple?
  10. What would you tell someone who is in despair after hearing that God is angry toward sin?

Movie Night

the village movie night.jpg

Join us at the Samuels’ house next Friday, October 11, for our first movie night where we’ll be watching “The Village” by M. Night Shyamalan.

The goal of these movie nights is to cultivate a greater awareness of different worldviews that exist today whose beliefs and themes are very prevalent in music, film, literature, and other forms of entertainment. We also want to compare and contrast these worldviews with the teaching of the Christian Bible, all while having fun watching a good movie with friends.

Here’s what we envision you doing for movie nights:

  1. Invite a friend.
  2. Bring your favorite snack or candy.
  3. Eat some pizza provided by us.
  4. Watch a movie carefully selected by our youth leaders.
  5. Thoughtfully engage in a critical thinking discussion led by Jasmine Armstrong.

Important Documents

Fall 2019 Calendar
Contact and Medical Information Form (2019-2020)
Authorization and Consent Form (2019-2020)

Host Homes

Jimmy and Heather Burchett | 255 Wild Rose Street
Josh and Sally Samuel | 118 Archibald Bay
Andre and Tara Cassell | 168 Beaveridge Close

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