Week of September 23rd

Have you noticed how quickly the days are getting shorter? Today, Monday, September 23, is the autumnal equinox. It’s the halfway point between summer and winter. It’s when the rate of loss of sunlight is greatest in the northern hemisphere. This is Pastor Asa writing, and yes, I am a nerd…

…and I love exploring the tools on the website timeanddate.com, particularly the Sunrise and Sunset Calculator. You should check it out when you have some free time. In the meantime, here’s a fun video about equinoxes. Enjoy!




Reminder: there are two forms which must be filled out and submitted for each student in NorthLife Youth. Scroll down for those document attachments, the Fall 2019 calendar, and host home addresses.

Bible Study

Recently we studied John 1 at the Cassells’ house. This Friday we will move on to John 2 at Jimmy and Heather’s house. If you’re a student, we encourage you to obtain your own copy of the Bible and bring it with you each week, along with a notebook or journal and something to write with. It’s so much more rewarding to ask questions, circle and underline important words and phrases, and over a longer period of time keep track of what you are experiencing in life and God is transforming your heart and mind.

Host for Friday, September 29: Jimmy and Heather Burchett

Obviously we didn’t film an overview video, but here’s one from The Bible Project that you can watch to get familiar with the big picture of the gospel of John.




Worship Training

Dave Oger and a few of our church’s adult musicians have collaborated to provide a low-key training and mentoring opportunity for students interested in singing or playing an instrument in a church worship context. You’re invited to stick around after our Celebration Service on Sundays, as close to every week as possible (depending on the availability of our coaches). These sessions will run from 12:30-1:30pm.


  • pack some lunch or snacks beforehand OR walk to a nearby eating establishment and meet back in the sanctuary by 12:30pm
  • one of the adults will share a devotional or a thought on the sermon that was just preached that morning
  • split up by instruments and vocals to practice one of the songs we’ve picked to learn together as a whole group
  • come back together to play and sing whatever we’ve worked on so far

Bring your own instrument if you have one, but we will also provide basic ones at the church such as guitar, piano, drums, and bass.

Important Documents

Fall 2019 Calendar
Contact and Medical Information Form (2019-2020)
Authorization and Consent Form (2019-2020)

Host Homes

Throughout the year we will meet in the following homes. The fall calendar includes where we will meet each week.

Jimmy and Heather Burchett | 255 Wild Rose Street
Josh and Sally Samuel | 118 Archibald Bay
Andre and Tara Cassell | 168 Beaveridge Close

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