Week of September 2nd

Parents: if you missed the vision meeting, check out our summary and the attached agenda. We’ve also included important documents for you to print: a schedule of our youth group meetings for the fall semester and the basic information and consent forms that need to be completed for each student who will be involved in our ministry throughout the coming school year.

Make sure you don’t miss out on…

Kick-Off Party


Students: you’re invited to a BBQ and bonfire this Friday as we kick-off a new school year! It’s going to be at Javin and Morgan’s in Anzac, but we’re providing transportation from the church. Meet at NorthLife Church at 5:00pm and get picked up at 9:00pm. Be sure to wear a jacket and some bug spray. You can also bring a chair, frisbee, ball, etc.

Important Documents

Fall 2019 Calendar
Authorization and Consent Form (2019-2020)
Contact and Medical Information Form (2019-2020)

Host Homes

Throughout the year we will meet in the following homes. The fall calendar includes where we will meet each week.

Jimmy and Heather Burchett | 255 Wild Rose Street
Josh and Sally Samuel | 118 Archibald Bay
Andre and Tara Cassell | 168 Beaveridge Close

Summary: Parents Vision Meeting

Parents Meeting Agenda

216 Reminder

As parents we are tasked with equipping our children for adulthood by helping them gradually take on more freedom and responsibility. Most of us would agree that our children need to learn the values of hard work, striving for excellence, honesty, kindness, and the list goes on. But what we as Christian parents need to prioritize above everything else is to teach and show our children what it means to follow Jesus.

From birth to 18 years old, each of our children is placed in our care for 216 months.

If your child is 12 years old, which is typically their age upon entering grade 7, 144 of those months are gone. You only have 72 left.

If your child is 15 or entering high school, 180 of those months are gone. You only have 36 left.

It is so important that we prioritize the spiritual development of our children, and as a youth ministry we want to come alongside each of you and your families to assist and encourage you in what is ultimately your responsibility. Let’s make the most of every opportunity God gives us to instill in these students a passion for Jesus Christ and the mission he has given his church to joyfully fulfill. What is that mission?


Mision, Vision, and Discipleship Process

In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus says, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

What an incredible mission and what an incredible promise of his presence and power!

Here at NorthLife in particular we have a mission to make disciples of Jesus in Fort McMurray and by extension the world, whom God has placed right in front of us.

Our vision is to be a family of nations loving God together.

Now it’s certainly important to have a clear mission and vision, but we also need to have an idea of how we are going to get there. Well discipleship is a lifelong process of being transformed by God. It can be defined as movement rather than stagnation. Obedience rather than just head knowledge. And although life is certainly not easy, in fact for the Christian it can be very difficult, we do believe that following Jesus is meant to be simple and not complex.

So here is a simple discipleship process we’ve designed that reflects the different aspects of following Jesus. Each of us is called by God to gather, grow, give, and go.

gather – worship God with all kinds of people

grow – be vulnerable with Jesus and each other

give – build up the church with your spiritual gifts

go – share the gospel with the world


Main Environment and Focus

Gather: Sunday Celebration Service | connect with an older Christian

Grow: Friday Night |share stories of transformation

Give: Leaders in Training (LIT) | start with LIT and grow into your spiritual gifts

Go: Local, Regional, Global | pray for and engage with a friend


Friday Night

Every week during the school year students will gather in a different home each week to eat dinner, study the Bible, and hang out together. We feel like there is a need for a more relaxed environment and time-frame for our youth group gatherings, which is why we are going to meet in houses instead of at the church, start at 6:00pm instead of 7:00pm, and have dinner together instead of just snacks. We believe these adjustments will better allow us to open up and experience transformation together, both through stories in the Bible as well as by sharing our own ongoing stories regularly.

Occasionally we’ll do something different for fun that also provides a unique opportunity to invite friends, although they are certainly welcome to any of our Friday gatherings! For this fall semester, we have three special events planned: two movie nights and a Christmas Party. We’ll post more details to the blog a couple weeks before each of these events.


The Blog

Please visit this website regularly to stay on top of everything that happens in our student ministry. We will post at the beginning of each week, typically on Monday, with a recap of the previous youth group as well as a look at what’s coming up.

We also want to provide parents with more tools for parenting teenagers. We’ve added a new Resources page to the site which will feature books, podcasts, videos, articles, etc. Be sure to check it out periodically.


Book Recommendation

tech wise family graphic

To wrap up the parents meeting, Pastor Asa shared the first parenting resource for the year, a book called “The Tech-Wise Family” by Andy Crouch. Read Asa’s book review here.

Alright students, we’ll see you at the kick-off party this Friday and our first youth group at Jimmy’s house next week! God bless each of you as you enter this new school year!

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