Week of August 26th

ParentsĀ Meeting

Parents or guardians of students in grades 7-12 are encouraged to attend a one-hour lunch meeting after Celebration Service this Sunday, September 1, starting at 12:00pm. Pastor Asa will be sharing the vision for NorthLife Youth as well as our plan for the coming school year. We want to articulate a simple process for discipling young followers of Jesus that requires committed prayer and action from students, parents, and the church. Whether you’re new or you’ve been around a few years, come and hear about the things we do, why we do them, and discover ways you can make a personal investment. You can also meet a few of our youth leaders.

You may complete the following forms for each student (covering the duration of the upcoming school year and summer 2020) and submit them at the meeting, otherwise they will be provided for you there and will need to be submitted ASAP.

Contact and Medical Information Form

Authorization and Consent Form

If you have students volunteering in the tech booth on Sundays, they will be participating in our Proclaim Workshop being hosted by Suz Bartos at the same time. If you have any younger grade-school children, Joseph Enverga will lead them in some fun activities. Sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and water will be provided for everyone.

Kick-Off Party


We will resume our weekly Friday gatherings with a BBQ hosted by Javin and Morgan Carelse in Anzac. If you would like to save yourself a trip, bring your students to the church and they can get a ride with our adult leaders. Please drop them off at NorthLife Church at 5:00pm and pick them up at 9:00pm. Invite a friend!

Friday Nights

Some changes will be introduced and explained at the parents meeting on September 1. We will provide a Fall 2019 Calendar on the blog shortly after that.

In the meantime, here are three clues to get you excited: longer, dinner, houses.

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