Week of December 3rd

Big Questions

We would like to thank our students for their maturity and respect listening to Pastor Asa talk about sex and sexuality from a Biblical perspective. Below is an overview of our goal for the evening as well as the lesson itself. You will find only the introduction typed out, but then a link to the entire document that Pastor Asa used to teach. Please note that we were not able to get to the split group discussion part of our evening. Maybe you could look for opportunities to engage in the discussion questions with your student/s.

Goal: Start a conversation in church about sex.

Scripture passages: Genesis 1:26-28, Genesis 2:18-25, Ephesians 5:22-33


Often when sex is talked about in Christian settings, if it even gets discussed at all, the conversation is awkward, rushed, and not respected. A few individuals assume that the others know what to believe and why, and many important personal questions go unanswered. This leaves people feeling confused, guilty, afraid, hopeless, upset, or indifferent when it comes to sexual matters. Which is a big problem considering how these matters are not small or rare. Our culture is obsessed with sex and saturated with every imaginable perspective and opinion on it.

This is why I believe it is important to slow down, listen to the Bible and each other, and be committed to addressing each and every sex and relationship related issue that arises, both “out there” but especially “in here.” We’re talking about the unavoidable realities of things like puberty, sexual desire and attraction, the longing for love and intimacy, curiosity about our bodies and the bodies of others, temptations to explore our sexuality alone through things like masturbation and pornography, holding hands and making out, sex outside of marriage, and sexual attraction and activity between two people of the same gender.

Admittedly, all of this can be a bit overwhelming and uncomfortable, but God wants to help us walk through these things. We don’t need to be afraid of saying the word “sex” in church. There is such a thing as biblical sexuality. Now the idea that God would want us to have a conversation about sex might surprise and even offend some people. Many Christians are only familiar with all the things they’re not allowed to do, and at some point, they begin to wonder what they can do. On that point, here’s what Christian speaker and writer Daniel Ritchie says in an article about sex and the Bible:

“The Christian ethic can never be about the things that we solely avoid, especially when it comes to sexual desires. Biblical sexuality cannot merely be a list of things we run from, but it must also be what we pursue. What is the bedrock of biblical sexuality?”

I don’t know about you, but that quote encourages me, and I agree 100%. I believe that God paints a beautiful picture in the Bible of what sex and marriage are meant to be, and when we have a clear view of that picture, we can get excited about it, thank him for it, and pursue it, whether we’re young, old, single, or married.

So what is the bedrock of biblical sexuality? Understanding the foundation of sex will provide the answer to the question, “why should I save sex for marriage?” We need to define sex, we need to define marriage, and we need to understand the relationship between sex and marriage. But where do we start? I can’t think of a better place to start than in the beginning. Let’s go to Genesis chapter one!

(read the rest: God’s Design for Sex and Marriage)

*Parents can anticipate continued youth group interaction with sex-related questions from a Biblical perspective. We will always inform you ahead of time and we welcome feedback of any kind to help us plan and engage better with students.*

Christmas Party

Christmas Party 2018

This year’s Christmas Party will be at the Cassells’ new house in Beacon Hill. A special segment of our gathering will focus on serving others and sharing the message of the gospel. Students will be baking cookies together and gifting a plate of them to a special friend or neighbor of their choosing, along with a hand-written card with Bible verses. We will also spend some time reflecting on Jesus’ birth and singing together. There will be plenty of delicious refreshments and fun group activities. Wear an ugly sweater or anything festive. If you would like to participate in our group gift exchange, please bring a wrapped, gender-neutral gift ranging from $10-20.  This event promises to be warm and memorable for all who attend, so bring a friend along!

Click here for directions.

Details on this and other events can also be found on our events page.

Coming Up

The next 3 Fridays are all great opportunities to invite a friend!

  1. Friday, December 7, 7:00-9:00pm | Big Questions: Heaven and Hell
  2. Friday, December 14, 6:00-9:00pm | Hangout at Bartos House. Bring a loonie AND a toonie for pizza and pop, and we’ll put a movie on and play some games, right next door to the church.
  3. Friday, December 21, 6:00-9:00pm | Christmas Party (originally December 14, but moved due to some of our students being out-of-town on a school related trip).

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