Week of September 24th

Prayers of The Bible

Pray For All People.jpg

Our speaker this past Friday was Andrew Laidlaw. As we continued in our study of prayer, Andrew taught from 1 Timothy 2:1-6, with the main focus of praying for the world around us. Take time this week to read through the passage again, perhaps even starting at the beginning of 1 Timothy to see the big picture surrounding these verses. God’s desire is that everyone would place their faith in Him, so we must pay attention to that as we pray. Plan as a family to pray regularly for unsaved friends, local business owners, government leaders, law enforcement, military personnel, etc. It is particularly important to develop a habit of praying for those in positions of authority over us. Ultimately, God is the one who allows anyone to be in power, and we must trust Him.

Join us this Friday as we explore a prayer of the apostle Paul for the church at Ephesus!

Student Survey

We have invited students to suggest ideas for a youth group name, and ask any big questions for our November teaching series, “Big Questions,” where we will see what the Bible has to say about them. If you haven’t already, please submit them this Friday!

Special Event

Movie Game Night Byron.jpg

In between two teaching series’, we’re setting aside an evening to hang out at Byron and Sam Morgan’s house in Thickwood. Bring your favourite board game and a snack or drink as an “entry fee.” There will be an age appropriate movie on the big screen and a couple tables to play games. Many of our youth leaders will be there. This is a great opportunity to welcome a friend to our group. See you there!

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