August 2nd

Summer Socials

Cleminson Bonfire.jpg

Summer is going by too fast…but it’s not over yet! Join us for another bonfire this Saturday, August 2nd from 7-9pm. Josh and Sally Samuel are hosting us at the Cleminsons’ house in Thickwood. Bring a chair and some hiking shoes if you’re up for a walk along the river. We’ll provide drinks and stuff for roasting s’mores.

Coming Soon…

Here’s a brief look at what the rest of August has in store:

  1. Wednesday, August 15 – We have one more scheduled summer social at The Snye. We may host one more in those last couple weeks of August. We’ll let you know!
  2. Friday, August 17 – STUDENTS are welcome to participate in the next Music Night hosted by the worship ministry here at NorthLife Church from 7-9pm. Bring an instrument or just your voice. Contact Pastor Asa for more details: 780-804-0341 or
  3. Sunday, August 26 – PARENTS of all students entering grades 7-12 are invited to a vision meeting after church on Sunday in the library. This is your chance to personally hear about the plans that NorthLife Youth has for the coming school year as well as ask any questions from Pastor Asa and any other youth leaders present. Please plan on attending this important meeting!
  4. Friday, August 31 – We will officially start meeting weekly for the new school year by throwing a Kick-Off Party in the evening. Time and location TBD, so stay tuned.

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