Week of June 4th

 Summer 2018

summer welcome.jpg

June 15th will be our last Friday night gathering for the school year, but we will have a variety of summer activities planned to stay connected and enjoy the longer days. Watch the blog for details, including a parents meeting near the end of the summer.

We would also like to officially welcome students going into grade 7 to join us beginning on June 15th. We’ll have some introductory fun and games with our whole group. Then start coming to everything else we do this summer!

Friday Evening

Last Friday we looked at Ephesians 5:1-21 and discussed the importance of “walking in love.” As Christians we have been brought from death to life, darkness to light, because Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again. The Bible uses the term adoption to describe our being placed in the family of God when at one time we were not a part of his family. Because of his love for us, we can be called children of God.

As his children we are to imitate him just like a child imitates his or her parents. Jesus loves us by giving himself up for us, therefore we should walk in that same love. Walking in love means striving to know what pleases God and living that way through the power of his Spirit living in us. Walking in love means despising sin around us and exposing sin within us. Walking in love means praying for others and encouraging each other to always be thankful and sing praises to God. Walking in love means submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ. Let’s walk in love this summer and strive to grow in our faith and in our relationships with God and his children!

This week we’ll finish off some tasty varieties of cereal and write thank you notes to everyone who made our youth retreat possible. If the weather is nice, we’ll go outside.

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