Week of May 28th

Summer 2018

Our last Friday night youth group of the school year will be on June 15th. To help new students transitioning into grade 7, we invite them to join us that evening for some introductory fun and games with our whole group! During the summer we will continue to get together for different activities in different locations across town. Keep your eye on the blog for more details as we go, including a meeting for all parents of students going into grades 7-12.

Retreat Recap

Retreat Graphic

We had an amazing retreat over the long weekend! Deeper relationships were developed and God used so many different things to refresh and encourage us in our faith. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make it possible. From parents, youth leaders, church members who donated food and equipment for us to bring down, so many individuals contributed to something that made a lasting impact.

Below are some photos taken over the weekend, just a “snapshot” of the wonderful memories made. Enjoy!



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