Week of May 14th

Retreat Graphic

Please be at the church by 2:30pm to check-in and prepare for departure at 3:00pm.

In preparation for the retreat, please download the schedule and packing list below. Contact information for all youth leaders will be provided at the church before departure on Friday (we are prohibiting phones and electronic devices for the weekend). Please contact Pastor Asa if you have any questions or concerns: 780-804-0341 or pastorasa@northlifechurch.ca

  1. 2018 Youth Retreat Schedule
  2. 2018 Youth Retreat Packing List

If you have not yet registered or paid, please do so quickly by completing and submitting the following forms:

  1. Event Permission Form – Youth Retreat 2018
  2. *Authorization and Consent Form*
  3. *Contact and Medical Information Form*

**These forms are required at the beginning of each academic year for general involvement in NorthLife Youth programming. If you have already submitted them for your student/s, then you only need to submit the Event Permission Form.**


Session Twelve: James 5:13-20

Big Idea: God’s children pray to him.

Key Verse: “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16

We’ve wrapped up an amazing study of the book of James. The final few verses remind us of the simplicity of faith, particularly that the life of a Christian is marked by prayer and continually deepening relationships with God and other believers.

The three things James encourages us to do in these verses are as follows:

1 – Pray in all situations

2 – Confess your sins to one another

3 – Intercede for others

Prayer can look different for many people, but it is our response to God in talking, crying, singing to him, and asking for the things we need from him. Prayer is being “tied into” God, a revealing of our soul to him as our Creator. Whether we are happy, sad, mad, hurt, sick, discouraged, hopeful, or whatever, we ought to pray.

We should also ask others to pray for us in times of need. But remember that God will not listen to the prayers of someone who insists on living in their sin. We are to always be confessing our sins and turning away from them to God. Although it is not always the case, there may be instances of sickness or suffering as a result of sin. Frequently take time to reflect on your life and see if there is any sin that you have not confessed to God, and to your brothers and sisters in Christ that you have asked to pray for you.

Lastly, we must understand that God wants us to pray for others. This is what it means to intercede for someone. Whether they are sick or living in sin, we should be interceding for others. God will honor the prayers of a person who honors him. Imagine the reward of faithful intercession, a person’s soul being saved and returning to love and obey God.

Let’s be the kind of people who pray to God in every situation, pursue purity, and plead on behalf of those who are wandering from God. Be strong, faithful, and full of love!

Live It Out

  1. Prayer Journal: Begin keeping a prayer journal, in which you record the things you pray for. Plan to check back periodically to see how God is changing the situation, and how He’s changing you.
  2. Group Prayer: If you don’t already do this, connect with other believers for group prayer. Talk with a few friends about getting together on a regular basis to pray for the needs of your church and community.
  3. Care for the sick: Do you know anyone who’s sick? How can you help them? Are there practical matters – errands to run – you could attend to? How could you encourage them? And don’t neglect prayer – for and with the sick person.
  4. Study Elijah: The character of Elijah is fascinating. Pick the story up in 1 Kings 17, and follow him until he gets swept up to heaven in 2 Kings 2. Do a name search to find other Bible passages that mention Elijah. Consider how his “passions” made him such an effective pray-er.
  5. Connect with the Wanderer: Do you know anyone who is wandering from the faith? What can you do to reach out to this person? Pray a lot before you do anything. Listen for God’s direction. And remember all of James’ cautions about the tongue. Don’t spew harsh judgment, but express you love and concern.

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