Week of April 16th

Practicing Personal Bible Study.jpg

We’ve been making our way through a video series on the book of James using the TV in the church library which is in range of WiFi access to stream the videos. However, due to usage for another event, our students gathered upstairs again like we did up until the start of the new year. Instead of continuing in our James series, Pastor Asa introduced a helpful bible study method called the 6 Rs to Personal Bible Study.


Many young believers know that it’s important to read the bible and pray each day, but aren’t sure exactly where to start or how to really dig in and hear from God. It is our hope that some if not all of you reading this will find the 6 Rs method helpful and encouraging in your faith. On Friday everyone was given roughly 20 minutes to spread out with a bible and pen as we each read through the first chapter of James, giving us a chance to refresh our memories on James while practicing the 6 Rs.

Check out the following video with Joe Valenti from Cuyahoga Valley Church in Cleveland, Ohio:

Included here is a one-page template with the 6 Rs for you to print off at home, or you can just write them down yourself in a journal or notebook when you have your bible reading and prayer time.

6 Rs to Personal Bible Study

We encourage you to take full advantage of this method, maybe even everyone in your family can start using it together and sharing your experience!

“Follow Me” – Youth Retreat 2018

Retreat Graphic

All students who are finishing grades 7-12 are welcome on this weekend trip to Christina Lake Lodge in Conklin, where they will enjoy campfires, hiking, games and activities, and time to relax in the cabins and by the water. We’ll also be taking advantage of the refreshing nature of nature…spending time with God as we study the bible, pray, and sing together. Our focus this year will be on how each person is invited by Jesus to follow and serve him on the most incredible journey of faith.


To register, complete and submit the following forms:

  1. Event Permission Form – Youth Retreat 2018
  2. *Authorization and Consent Form*
  3. *Contact and Medical Information Form*

**These forms are required at the beginning of each academic year for general involvement in NorthLife Youth programming. If you have already submitted them for your student/s, then you only need to submit the Event Permission Form.*

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