Week of March 26th

Spring Break

⚠️There will be NO YOUTH GROUP on March 30th or April 6th ⚠️

We will continue on Friday, April 13th. Enjoy some extra time with family and stay safe!

Double Feature

Dodgeball and Pizza

Sunday slide

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to throw colorful balls at friends! Come out to Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre (directions) where we’ve rented half a turf field. Then transportation is provided to NorthLife Church for pizza and pop.

Just before 6:30pm students are free to get picked up, however we would love for you to stay for a concert put on by THE COLOR! You can get your tickets now either in person at the church or online, only $10 in advance, or $15 at the door. If you have a friend that normally doesn’t go to church, you can pick up a FREE TICKET for them at the church. Follow the link below to like and share the Facebook page which contains all event info:

THE COLOR First Day Of My Life Tour – Fort McMurray

NorthLife Church is located at 141 Alberta Drive (directions).

Youth Retreat 2018 – Registration

Youth Retreat

Registration for the 2018 youth retreat is now open! All students who are finishing grades 7-12 are welcome on this weekend trip to Christina Lake Lodge in Conklin. For regularly updated information on this event, continue to visit our events page.


To register, complete and submit the applicable form/s below. You can also pick up a packet with all three forms at the church, either at youth group on Friday evenings, or during the week.

  1. Event Permission Form – Youth Retreat 2018
  2. *Authorization and Consent Form*
  3. *Contact and Medical Information Form*

**These forms are required at the beginning of each academic year for general involvement in NorthLife Youth programming. If you have already submitted them for your student/s, then you only need to submit the Event Permission Form.*

Friday Night Recap


Session Nine: James 4:13-17

Big Idea: Include God in your plans and submit to his will.

Key Verse: “Instead you ought to say, ‘If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.'” James 4:15

We recently looked at what is possibly the simplest and most straightforward passage of the entire book (all of James is pretty simple and straightforward compared to other books of the bible). James takes an opportunity to challenge anyone who is making all sorts of big plans for their life without any regard to what God may have in mind:

Recognize that you don’t have ultimate control over your life! Let God guide you by affirming or redirecting your plans for the future!

It’s pretty easy to think we can arrange our lives in the months and years ahead, but James reminds us that human beings are just like a morning mist: here for a moment, and then…poof! GONE! Instead of being so sure of ourselves, we should instead humble ourselves before God (James 4:10) and ask for his wisdom (James 1:5) as we navigate the days ahead of us. Besides, the only things that will truly matter for eternity are the things we do as we seek to live for God and his purposes, not ours. It’s worth it, more than any temporary pleasure or sense of comfort or security. Trust God!

James then leaves us with this:

“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” James 4:17

Most of us can quickly write up a list of the things we shouldn’t do as Christians…if we do them, that would be sin. But we don’t often give much weight to the importance of following through in obedience to what we know is right. God tells us that we must do what he says…if we ignore his commands, that is also sin. The way this teaching applies directly to the very passage in which we find it is this: if you know that you’re supposed to seek the Lord’s guidance as you make plans, but you choose to do it on your own anyway, you are sinning. Does that make sense?

Including God in your plan-making is not an option: it’s a command! Anything less than humbly looking to him for wisdom and blessing is sin. You won’t last long planning your life all by yourself. But when you decide to hand it all over to him, he will bless you for that and you can have peace knowing that, whatever happens, it’s the will of God for your life.

Live It Out

**PARENTS: read through the following suggestions of how to respond to the teaching this week. Some suggestions may not directly apply to your or your child’s situation, but use them as conversation starters and take the time to be vulnerable yourself about your own experiences seeking or not seeking the Lord as you’ve made and continue to make plans. Come up with your own questions if it will better help you as a family soak up the implications of these verses to you own lives.**

  1. Prayer: What plans do you have for your life, your family, your home, your business, your church? Talk with God about these, and then listen. What does He think about all this? If your plans involve others, get them in on the praying, too.
  2. Chart: Look back through your life (maybe just recently) and choose 1 to 3 plans that you made long enough ago to see them develop. Then observe the development of those plans. Did things turn out as you wanted or expected? How did you interact with God through all of that? Did He lead in a certain way and then change directions? Map this process out as creatively as you can, and then examine that “map” of your life. What can you learn from that?
  3. Seek counsel: As you consider plans for the future, find a wise Christian friend (or parent, adult, youth leader) to consult with. Pray with them and ask their advice on determining the direction where God might be leading you.
  4. Dare: Is there something God has been nudging you to do for Him that you’ve been resisting? maybe you’re worried about what people will think, or you might consider the action dangerous in some way. Keep tuning in to God’s direction here. Get appropriate advice from others who are close to God, but then dare to do it – in the spirit of James 4:17.

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