Week of March 5th

Special Event: Dodgeball (and The Color Concert)


What, another special event already? Yes, our plan is to host a little over an hour of dodgeball and similar games on a turf field at Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre. Dodging will begin at 4:00pm, Saturday, April 14. This event is designed with YOUR FRIENDS in mind. Start inviting people this week, and let’s see how many people we can get out on the turf!


The Color


Afterwards we’ll head to the church for some dinner and officially end our dodgeball portion of the night…but you can stick around for some awesome music by The Color. This concert is a separate event open to anyone in Fort McMurray, kids and adults and in between. Stay posted for more details, but mark your calendars and spread the word!

Recap: Joint Youth @FCC

youth recap

What an encouraging time we had at Family Christian Centre this past Friday as students from multiple area youth groups gathered for a time of worship and bible teaching followed by snacks and hang out time. One of the biggest rewards of these periodic, city-wide gatherings is the opportunity for students to be reminded that they are not alone as they live out their faith in their communities at home, school, work, sports teams, etc.

A Lesson from the Book of Haggai

Pastor Asa challenged us to give God first place in our lives. In the book of Haggai we see three different ways that God’s people can be distracted from doing this.

“We need to give God first place in our lives.”

Firstly, we can have wrong priorities. In Haggai 1:7-8, God tells his people that they are not experiencing his blessing because they have focused only on their own houses while neglecting to rebuild God’s house, the temple, which was destroyed. As long as we continue to live for ourselves God cannot and will not bless us. It may not always be easy to live for God, but it is the best way to live.

“Wrong priorities can keep us from giving God first place in our lives.”

Secondly, fear and discouragement can get in the way. God’s people reached a point where they didn’t believe it was worth it to keep going. The new temple would never be as spectacular as the first on built by King Solomon. God showed up with another message, this time to encourage them. In Haggai 2:1-9, He reminded them that he was with them, he had saved them from slavery in Egypt, and eventually he would fill this new temple with his glory and peace. Sometimes we can face fear and discouragement, as well. It is in those times that God reminds us he will always be with us, we only need to be strong and keep pressing forward.

Fear and discouragement can keep us from giving God first place in our lives.”

Lastly, we must guard ourselves from a life of pride. There was a time for the Israelites, before they decided to put God first and rebuild the temple, when they were convinced that nothing was wrong because they continued to obey God’s command to sacrifice animals for their sins. The only issue was that they were doing so in a destroyed temple, which God had clearly instructed them to rebuild for his glory and pleasure. If you read through Haggai 2:10-19, you will see that God is very concerned about genuine purity in our lives. It really doesn’t matter how many good things we do if we really haven’t given him our heart. What’s the point of going to church and singing worship songs and giving a bit of money during the offering, if you never actually obey God in the things he has clearly asked of you? We need to be people that are willing to humble ourselves, and understand that forgiveness of our sins is only by the grace of God when we turn from our sin to Jesus Christ.

“Pride can keep us from giving God first place in our lives.

How is God asking you to respond to him today? Are you living for yourself with no interest in serving him? Are you afraid or discouraged? Are you doing good things to please him? The way to respond in any of these situations is to turn to Jesus and ask for his forgiveness and strength. He will help you live a life that is pleasing to him!


Join us this Friday at 7:30pm as we continue in our video series.

Go read James 3:13-18 ahead of time if you can!

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