Week of February 5th


Join us this Friday as we continue in our video series with session four, focusing on James 2:1-13.

Serving Together: Frisbees for Food

Thank you to everyone who gave of their time and energy this past weekend to support the NorthLife Church Soup Kitchen!

On Friday evening, NorthLife Youth was led by Josh and Sally Cleminson.┬áIn preparation for the fundraiser at Casman Centre the next day, the students spent the evening getting frisbees ready by making sure that each one had the proper tickets and numbers attached. This was a great way to live out the teaching in our study of the book of James so far: don’t be hearers only, but doers of God’s word!

The turnout on Saturday proved to be great, both in hockey spectators as well as volunteers to sell frisbees!

Casman Centre Fast Facts:

  1. 16 volunteers (4 students, 3 kids, 7 adults)
  2. $3,200 in frisbees (SOLD OUT)
  3. $1,700/goal pledged (Barons won 7-3)
  4. $15,100 raised in total

Pray for the impact of the Soup Kitchen toward those in need!

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