Week of January 29th

Volunteer Opportunity

Frisbees for Food

Serve the NorthLife Soup Kitchen this Saturday during their annual fundraiser Frisbees for Food during an Oil Barons hockey game at Casman Centre! Everyone is invited to participate. Soup Kitchen Director Joseph Enverga has asked volunteers to arrive at 6:30pm to be briefed on the details of the evening. Anyone helping should expect to be busy through the end of the second period.

Volunteers can stay and watch the rest of the game…for FREE!

Please inform Joseph of your plans to attend, or ask any questions: 647-273-6473

Click here for directions to the Casman Centre!


Overview: Session Three | James 1:19-27

Big Idea: When you hear what God says, do what God says!

Key Verse: “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” –Jm. 1:22


There’s no point in looking in the mirror only to walk away and do nothing. In the same manner, there’s no value in hearing God’s word unless you do something about it. James is writing to Jewish Christians who know more about the scriptures than most people. But he’s very direct with them about the difference between head knowledge and a changed life. Just like we look in the mirror each morning so that we know how to improve our appearance, Christians need to look at God’s word each day so that we know how to grow spiritually and better display the character of Christ (1:23-25). God blesses those who do what he says, and their lives can truly be marked by the righteousness of God.

Hearing + Doing = Blessed

James also warns his readers not to talk so much or get angry so quickly, but instead to be better listeners (1:19-20). A few verses later he insists that their religion is worthless if they cannot control their mouths (1:26).

Do you listen more than you talk

Lastly, we must pay attention to what God says is really important. God wants Christians to meet the needs of the many orphans and widows that exist in our society, and to make sure that we do not become morally impure because of the world around us (1:27).

Live It Out

Here are this week’s suggestions on how you can put the teaching of James into practice!

  1. Memorization: Learn James 1:22. Perhaps you could write it out on a card, which you put (appropriately) on your mirror.
  2. Conversation: Do you need to develop the ability to be “quick to hear, slow to speak”? Is there a particular person in your life with whom you should do more listening? Work on this. You might even think of some questions to ask in your next conversation. Focus on them, not on your own responses.
  3. Journaling: If you have a Bible study journal, add this component. If not, try journaling this week. Take the next six pages and put four headings on each page. Read. Think. Pray. Do! Then select Scriptures to read each day. As you do, record your thoughts on the text, write out key words of a prayer, and them – because of James – figure out something God would like you to do in response to that text. Oh, yeah – and then do it.
  4. Prayer: Pray specifically about two things this week. (1) Your anger. (Even if you’renot hot-tempered, do you “stuff” your anger and let it turn into bitterness?) (2) Soul pollution. Ask God to show you ways you might be getting “polluted” by the world.
  5. “Widows and Orphans” In many parts of Scripture – and here in James – we are urged to care for the neediest members of society. In you area, who are those people, and how can you help? It’s possible they are, literally, widows and orphans, having suffered the loss of a family member. But also consider the homeless, the hospitalized, retirees, special-needs children and adults, the unemployed, immigrants, prisoners, etc. See if your church has a ministry you could support or become involved with, but also consider parachurch ministries and other charities.

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