Week of October 23rd

Congratulations to the winners of our boys vs girls bake-off: the girls!

Fall Party Recap

NorthLife Youth students enjoyed a fun-filled evening at the neighboring homes of the Samuels (leaders) and the Cassells (parents). Flour, eggs, chocolate chips, apple cider, and laughter…a perfect combo!

The boys came in second place with very impressive baking skills and teamwork. The kitchen was crowded, and Logan Cassell even pulled out his Star Wars oven mitts!


A big thank you to our judges: Emmanuel DeJesus and Josh Samuel (leaders), and Mr. and Mrs. Scott! Without your professional tasting abilities, there would be no winners.


By a show of hands, this event proved to be a success. Don’t be surprised if we repeat and improve it in the future!

New Teaching Series


This Friday, October 27, we begin another excellent video series by The Bible Project. Join us back at NorthLife Church as we dive into the New Testament gospel of Luke, beholding the glories of Jesus’ birth, divinity, death, and resurrection.

Each blog post in the coming weeks will include a link to YouTube, giving you the option to watch the videos again at home. As always, feel free to utilize the many other resources available to you at the Bible Project website by clicking the link above. If everything goes as planned, this series will conclude just in time for our Christmas Party.

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