Week of September 11th

Torah SeriesSeries graphic 1

The first half of the book of Genesis (chapters 1-11) focuses on God and the world. He creates a good world that becomes cursed because of human sin. But right away we are introduced to God’s plan to rescue humanity. This week we briefly looked at chapters 12-50, which focus on God and the family of a man named Abraham.

You can watch the video for Geneses Part 2 here!

Session Overview: Genesis Part 2

In the second video of the Torah Series, we learn about how God makes a covenant with Abraham that he will do the following: turn Abraham and Sarah into a nation, give them the land of Canaan as an inheritance, and bless all the nations of the world through Abraham’s family. Throughout chapters 12-22, these key elements of the covenant are developed. God’s plan to bless the nations through Abraham is the foundation for the rest of the Bible. In the New Testament, Paul even describes the church as those who have received this blessing and become a part of Abraham’s family through faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:3, Romans 4).

Abraham goes on to give birth to a son, Isaac, who gives birth to Jacob. Jacob has 12 sons of his own, who become the heads of the 12 tribes of Israel, a nation that comes to number in the millions eventually. Now, we often place biblical characters on a pedestal, seeing them as perfect examples of living a life that pleases God. But the rest of the book of Genesis paints a very different picture. God’s chosen people are constantly messing up. The only way that God’s promises will be fulfilled is if he remains faithful, not them. And so we see that faithfulness again and again, which gives us confidence in the love that God shows towards us as followers of Jesus who still continue to sin.

Join us next week as we transition into the book of Exodus!

Family Discussion


  1. What character traits of God are displayed in his decision to “bless” all nations through Abraham after the disaster of Babel? (Genesis 11)
  2. Tally up all the ways Abraham and Sarah make bad decisions that threaten God’s desire to bless them. Why should this part of the story challenge us, and comfort us? (Genesis 12-22)
  3. What are the two highlight moments of Abraham’s story? How is Abraham offered as a positive example in these chapters? (Genesis 15, 22)
  4. What are the lowlight moments in Jacob’s story that show he does not deserve to inherit the promised blessing? What does this teach us about God’s grace in dealing with people? (Genesis 27)
  5. How do Joseph’s words to his brothers summarize God’s role both in the Joseph story, and also in the entire story so far? (Genesis 50:20)

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