Week of August 21st

Kick-Off Party

Kick-Off 2017 graphic

Hey students, it’s time to start a new school year together! Come to NorthLife Church from 7-9PM this Friday to enjoy food, drinks, music, games, and activities. Invite a friend to be a part of the fun and find out what we have planned for the coming months. There will be a competitive team-game with prizes awarded to the winner, don’t miss out!

Video Teaching Series

Series graphic 1.jpg

Some of us are familiar with a few old Bible stories of people like Adam and Eve, Abraham, Noah, and Joseph. But how many of us understand the big picture of the Bible and how it can be seen in the Torah?¬†Our first teaching series for the year will be an introductory look at the first five books of the Old Testament. The series is put out by an¬†awesome, free, online Bible study resource called The Bible Project, and each lesson is a brief video with narration and illustration that engages with the heart and mind. We will follow each video with a time of questions and discussion designed to lead us toward knowing and loving God’s Word on a deeper, life-changing level.

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