Victoria Day Weekend

Our year-end trip to Red Deer for YC Alberta 2017 was full of great spiritual lessons and wonderful memories, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

YC Alberta is a multi-denominational youth conference that draws students from across Alberta, BC, and some from other provinces. The goal of the conference is to challenge and equip the next generation to live for God in this world, and this is done primarily through teaching and worship sessions, with various workshops in between sessions.

Red Deer hike

The sessions were long and intense at times, so with our group being smaller and younger than most, we took advantage of the great weather and decided to slip away during the workshops to spend time hiking and getting to know each other in one of Red Deer’s many beautiful city parks.

Red Deer overlook.jpg

Eating lunch outside, looking at the Scriptures, breathing in the gentle, green landscape, and tossing a frisbee ended up being the perfect way for middle school students to spend some energy and also engage in relationships.

Red Deer wooden bridge.jpg

The drive to and from Red Deer from Fort McMurray was itself a great opportunity for group development. Reading, playing games, listening to music, and stopping for meals and snacks, in addition to everything mentioned above, made for a weekend of significant impact.

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  1. Hey its riobo. Love the website. Red deer was great. I really loved the teachings and the messages and the concerts. I also loved getting to know my youth friends better.


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