Week of March 27th

Session Overview: Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit just may be the one person of the trinity that believers pay attention to the least or misunderstand the most, particularly in North America. In the days following Jesus’ return to heaven, the Holy Spirit filled the disciples with a supernatural power in preaching the gospel and performing miracles. People were astonished at the boldness and courage of people like Peter and John. But today, we seem to rely less on the power of the Holy Spirit and more on our own talents and abilities. There’s predictability to our gatherings and a lack of awareness of what God wants to do through us in our communities.

In John 16:2-7, Jesus warns his disciples that difficult times are coming, and that they will be persecuted and killed. But he’s going to leave his Holy Spirit, and that will be to their advantage. Imagine what the disciples must have felt when they discovered that Jesus was going to leave them, after all the years they spent following him and listening to his teaching. How could it be better for him to leave?

We must recognize the power that the Holy Spirit gives, and we must acknowledge our need for him. But most importantly, we each need to make the decision on our own to give God control of our lives instead of trusting in our human strength and wisdom. Once we decide to give God control, he can begin to do supernatural things through us that will bless others and glorify him. God wants the world to know him and be saved, and he wants to reach them through you and me, his church.

Family Discussion


  1. Who is the Holy Spirit and what does he do in our lives as followers of Jesus?
  2. Why would Jesus say that it’s better for him to leave and for us to have the Holy Spirit?
  3. Are there things in your life that keep the Holy Spirit from being able to work in and through you?
  4. What kind of a difference should the Holy Spirit make in someone’s life?
  5. How can you seek and follow the Holy Spirit’s as a family rather than by yourself?


  1. That God would help you to look beyond yourself and see the bigger picture.
  2. That the Holy Spirit would transform your life and the lives of others.
  3. For opportunities to let others know about Jesus.
  4. That the Holy Spirit would lead you everyday, that you would have a heart willing to follow him anywhere, and for strength to obey all of his commands.

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