Week of March 20th

Session Overview: Follow Jesus

If you’re familiar with the children’s game, Follow The Leader, you know that the rules are very simple: do exactly what the leader does. However, when it comes to following Jesus, many people change the rules: you don’t have to do exactly what Jesus does, just follow in your heart. There are people all around the world that call themselves followers of Jesus, but their lives look nothing like it. We need to do some serious thinking when it comes to the decision to follow Jesus…on his terms.

1 John 2:3-6 tells us that knowing God means obeying his commandments. If we know God, we will follow Jesus. But even though his commands are simple, they aren’t always easy. There are obstacles, things we must leave behind, and risks we need to take. Sometimes we will also face discouragement because we aren’t able to follow Jesus perfectly or because we try too hard to do things on our own, without fellowship with other believers and without the power of the Holy Spirit.

Even though there are challenges and discouragement, Jesus himself tells us in Matthew 16:24-25 that “if anyone would come after me, he must take up his cross and follow me, for whoever saves his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.” Do you want your life to have purpose and fulfillment as God intended? If so, you must decide to leave your old ways behind and follow Jesus. All he wants is to give you himself, but you must let go of yourself. And remember, God doesn’t need you to follow him. He just knows that following him will lead to a life that’s greater than anything you could have imagined on your own.

Family Discussion


  1. Do you ever “follow Jesus in your heart?”
  2. What are some things in your life that keep you from following Jesus’ clear and simple commands?
  3. How should we respond to the discouragement we feel when we fail to follow Jesus perfectly?
  4. How can we follow Jesus together (as a family, church, etc.)?
  5. Read John 6:60-69. Think about Peter’s logic when he answers Jesus’ question. Do you relate to his answer, and how does it motivate you to follow Jesus?
  6. How can someone lose their life but actually save it?


  1. That God would help you simplify your relationship with Him.
  2. For a desire to follow Jesus everyday no matter how hard it gets or where it takes you.
  3. For strength to obey Jesus’ clear and simple commands.

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